Amazon Dash Buttons

See it. Press it. Get it.

Many consumers only realize they need to purchase a product once the supply runs out. Amazon saw this natural behavior as an opportunity to remove barriers between their business and core customers. Once a Prime member signs up for the Dash Button, they are only one press away from interacting with the brand. Amazon Dash Buttons leverage the Internet of Things to provide reliable solutions for customers as soon as they develop a need.

Amazon utilized a creative approach in how they interpreted marketing to improve their core customer’s shopping experience. They abstracted conventional decisions for product distribution and promotion with Dash Buttons to generate new value for both the customers and businesses they serve. Introducing intelligent technology to a consumer’s home allows Amazon to reduce the users' cognitive load while streamlining routine purchases for their favorite brands.

Amazon Dash Buttons are the first wave of IoT products bridging the problematic gap between supply and demand. Once you have demand on lock sales becomes a matter of logistics. By leveraging resources from their business-to-business operations, Amazon Web Services, they are able to minimize the cost of testing innovative brand experiences for their customers. This is a great example of a company that knows how to fail fast and cheap. Success comes from their ability to rapidly iterate and lead with the users' experience. Amazon serves as a pioneer in the market as they continue to build their customers' confidence to welcome emerging technology and challenge the status quo.