Side Projects

Design for Delight

Isometric Typography

Number 9 #36daysoftype



When you are in the holiday spirit but your pockets don't jingle, craft a typeface to share your thanks.




My goal was to pair expressive mark making with the essence of this figure. 

Charcoal on Paper


This piece originally was a depiction of the studio space at the Maryland Institute College of Art. For the final in my painting class, I chose to use the original painting to inform an abstract color exploration of the interior space.

Oil on Canvas

Another Lecture

Traditional constraints always present an opportunity to explore process and risk. Walking into my class each day, I pulled out an iPad to continue my work. For months of dull lectures, I would dive into the drawing feature in my Notes application to make and remove marks, revealing and concealing the previous layers. I worked on this drawing over the course of three months in one of my business classes.


Tools: Notes App