Founder + Product Design

Dogs Going Mobile.

Two years ago, I became a pet parent. Today, I spend my free time building a small startup with a big vision. Bella equips dog owners with the digital tools they need in order to win at ownership. 

How Might We

HMW develop a better ownership experience? 

HMW reward pet parents for making the right decisions for their dog?

HMW provide innovative solutions for veterinary care?

HMW share our dog's information in a retail environment?

HMW access on-demand education for dog owners?



Start Sync

Sync your dog's documents from your veterinary provider to your mobile phone. Share your documents with new services and start learning more about your dog.


User Goals 

1. View their dog's information quickly. 

2. Schedule veterinary appointments.

3. Review information from past appointments.


Task Scenarios

1. Share your dog's rabies vaccine with a new grooming service.

2. Schedule an appointment with your veterinary provider.

2. Discover the cheapest boarding service available and book it.

3. Find out when your dog needs their next vaccination.

4. Access your dog's health information without leaving the room.  



Research + Testing

Market Research, Competitive Analysis, User Interviews, Contextual Inquiries, Personas, Empathy Mapping, Card Sorting, Feature Prioritization, Wireframing, Prototyping


Research available upon request.