Dogs Going Mobile

Founder / Strategy / Product Design

The App

Bella gives users the ability to manage their dog’s medical records, check their vaccination status and stay up to date with their veterinary provider. 



Existing tools and resources for dog owners are fragmented, generic and outdated. Due to the lack of focus on the pet parent, dog owners often feel overwhelmed and frustrated when providing care for their loved ones.

How it Works

  • Access medical records without leaving the room.

  • Check to see if your dog’s vaccines are up-to-date.

  • Schedule an appointment with your vet.


User Research 

While raising my pup, I asked friends and searched google for advice on how to be a good pet parent. A few interviews grew into over 100 conversations with dog owners. I was fascinated by the challenges that people face as a caregiver so I kept digging to find out how they work around friction points in their experiences at the vet, in-store, and at home. 

Primary Persona

Jamie is 28 and lives with her dog Max in Richmond, Virginia. As a production assistant, she frequently travels out of town for work.

  • Staying up-to-date with Max's health information
  • Keeping his medical records organized
  • A better way to track Max’s health information
  • Access to the information she needs while at home and on-the-go 


  • A better way to communicate with her veterinary provider




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